Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Overgrown JA Pony???

Mally certainly loves her jumping! To the point she cannot physically concentrate on anything else!

With our Dressage test rapidly approaching, I thought I'd better do some schooling and maybe ride through my test at least once before the weekend. However Mally had other ideas...

Someone had left a grid up in one side of the school (we have a lovely 60x40, so still lots of room!) and Mally has clearly decided jumping is so much fun, she cannot concentrate on anything else. We had lots of bunny hopping, bucking, walk to canter and 'expressive' flying changes, but she really made it clear what she rather be doing when we attempted a 20m circle in canter and she 'locked on' to the middle fence of the grid!!! Given it had V-poles on the other side, I didn't think it would be a good idea to jump it and just managed to pull her off course!

Silly bloody mare, although it is lovely to have a horse who loves jumping so much!

I had hoped for sunshine on my day off, so I could get her bathed for the weekend (the joys of bays!), however a horrible, grey day put paid to that idea. So I went off to Buckaroo Equine at Vale View Equestrian to pick up a few things ready for the weekend and have now come to the conclusion I shouldn't be allowed within 50 feet of any tack shop!

Mally is now the proud owner of a 5-point breastplate, so we will fit right in when we eventually go eventing, either that or all the gear, no idea! She was also treated to a lovely white Anky pad, as I already have a 'Sangria' version and love it, but it's not a very practical colour for competition!

Madam in her new breastplate (the white ensemble is my attempt at convincing Mally she's a dressage diva, it clearly had no affect!)

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