Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mally gets set for take off!

Well, Mally's education has progressed at a rate of knots! For a horse that has been under saddle only 2 months, she already feels like a far more advanced horse.

Her canter is gorgeous and I could sit there all day whilst she boings along, her trot leaves a lot to be desired, but that will come with strength and her walk is good but prone to tenseness. We have lessons with Jenny Brown of Elms Farm, Costock and Mally is proving to be a VERY fast learner and lots of willingness to do everything that is asked of her. So as the basics are really coming along, I decided it was time for her to learn to jump!

Jumps have always featured in her education to add a bit of variety, but have so far been tiny raised trot poles, so now it was time to step them up a bit.

Mally thinks jumping is the most fun ever, second only to jumping in canter! She becomes a little rubber ball and pings all over the place looking for her next jump! She does however need to become slightly less cocky, as she find everything farrrrrr too easy and tries to ignore me as much as possible! Whilst I like my horses to think for themselves, she does take it a bit far!
So far she has met doubles, grids, skinnies, angled fences, spreads and fillers with the same 'let's go' attitude!

She also went XC schooling at Aylesford Cross Country Course, mainly for the 'off-road' hacking, but also to see some of the more scary XC questions she will face. Ditches, steps up and down, water and a step into water were all conquered with very little worrying on Mally's part!

So I am VERY pleased with how she is progressing, next week she will go XC schooling again, this time to do some jumps and then she has her very first competition on the 17th! A Walk & Trot Dressage Test at Vale View Equestrian, fingers crossed she copes with it in her usual manner!

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  1. What a lovely lady she looks! Looking forward to hearing her adventures!