Saturday, 23 April 2011

Grown Up Hacking in the Sunshine!

Mally has done lots of hacking since she's been broken in, her general opinion is that hacking is brilliant. She cannot wait to see what's around the next corner, this is regardless of whether she is alone/in company/first/last. All of her hacking has been done on our 'quiet' lane (which is actually rather busy!) so she has seen traffic, but not an awful lot else!

Today she ventured out around the main roads, where there is LOTS to look at! It wasn't until I'd reached the end of the lane I realised she hadn't seen white road markings or drains before, she decided they were scary but not likely to attack, so managed to conquer them! Parked cars, cricket matches, and gardens were all met with the same hesitant braveness!!
Then we got to the pub, bedecked in England flags and a St George's day celebration in full flow! She shut her eyes very tightly and wriggled past them.
Everything was super scary, but not enough to stop Mally in her tracks, trains, buses, bridges, ferocious JRTs and even more ferocious Mastiffs where marched past in her newfound elegant TB walk (although she is saving her camel impression for special occasions!)

Traffic was not an issue at all, despite the fact that most of them seem to view lanes as Sliverstone (and most of them are Vet students, so should blooming well know better!) and horses as chicanes!

So Mally has a super big gold star today, even better we managed to get home just before the thunder and lightning started!

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  1. Was great to bump into you on Badders XC thread today (it's PeanutButterDRagon by the way) and I'm really loving reading about Mally - she's a little beauty, I see much fun ahead for the pair of you!

    Jem xXx