Saturday, 9 April 2011


So since I have now bored everyone I know with my witterings on, I thought I would expand into the world wide web!

Mally is my 5 year old Irish Sports Horse. She is by Mackney Clover (Clover Hill) and out of Laura Lee (Jamie Boy) and was bred by Padraigh Clarke in Ballinasloe, Ireland. She was then sold to a dealer that supplied the Army as a two year old. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) she didn't make the height required, despite being hung onto for an extra year, just in case, and was shipped over to Vicky Yoxall's yard in Cheshire.
It was there that I met and bought her in Dec 2010, as a 4 year old that had done absolutely nothing but sit in a field and grow! However, her temperament is second to none, and when I set about breaking her in she proved to be an absolute doddle - luckily as I've never broken in a horse before!!

 Below are a couple of pictures from Mally's original advert, it was the knees in the jumping shot that really caught my eye, nice and pingy!

And a more recent shot of her ladyship, trying on her spnagly white boots for the first time!
So this blog will hopefully document Mally and my own attempts at being eventers (well, playing at being eventers, as I doubt my confidence will reach the heady heights of BE Novice!!) and bore a few more people into the process!

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