Monday, 1 August 2011

Help with Schooling Your Horse.

I, like many people, can't afford to have regular lessons, so do the majority of my schooling alone. Usually I warm up, do a few minutes of work, get stuck for ideas and give up having not really acheived a huge amount!

But after finding this blog...

... I have made some breakthroughs in Mally's work! First was my contact issues, I was aware it was a problem, but not sure how to go about tackling it. I saw the article on Lorraine's Blog and became determined to do something about it. After only two sessions Mally is far more consistant in the contact and far less ready to jump into canter as I don't fiddle with my reins every 5 secs!

I highly recommend it as a blog to follow!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! fab blog (yours) and fab blog (school your horse) i'm in the can't afford lessons boat too and every hint helps